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    1. Service hotline: 86 18631848088

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      Hebei Yixin Fastener Co.,Ltd

      Hebei Yixin Fastener Co.,Ltd., founded in 2013, is located in the beautiful hengshui lake, adjacent to the capital city, tianjin and xiongan new area, with profound cultural deposits and strong innovation, research and development environment. The enterprise is an innovation-oriented enterprise integrating the r&d, design, production and sales of railway equipment and accessories. The products are widely used in high-speed railway, subway, railway, intercity railway, tunnel, expressway, bridge and many other fields. Enterprises adhere to the brand development strategy, take the road of independent innovation, pay attention to product quality, and have a set of perfect quality management system, to ensure that products from the production of raw materials, processing, storage, shipping and other links in an orderly manner, quality and quantity.

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